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Jesse Taylor, Welcome Back To Our Lives

August 11, 2009

JesseTaylorNoted knucklehead and TUF 7 castmember Jesse Taylor has been confirmed as a replacement for the main card at Saturday’s Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg event. He’ll be taking Nick Diaz’s spot on the card because Diaz couldn’t be bothered to show up for a pre-fight drug screen.

That’s not suspicious or anything. I guess he learned his lesson from Josh Barnett. It’s kind of a selfless act if you think about it. Whenever the California State Athletic Commission says somebody’s dirty, a shitload of people lose their jobs. Taylor will be fighting Jay Heiron who replaced Joe Riggs. Riggs had to withdraw because he had an adverse reaction to a drug. Ironic!? (Not really.)

Apparently CSAC didn’t give Diaz enough time to flush the marijuana out of his system. What a freaking joke.

Jesse Taylor is 13-3 as a profesisonal. Since he lost to CB Dollaway at the Silva-Irvin Fight Night, he’s won 7 fights. That’s 7 fights since July 19, 2008. He fought and won twice last month in a span of 9 days.

This will be Taylor’s return to the spotlight. (Unless you count his DREAM debut a few weeks back.) Now he’s fighting at the 2nd biggest promotion in America. Maybe he’ll celebrate his comeback by kicking out the window of a limo. I hear that’s what the cool kids do. That and smoke weed and skip drug tests. That’s the new hot fiyah.

[via MMAjunkie]

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