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The Silva-Griffin Fight Was Really Weird

August 10, 2009

Forrest_Silva_21Let’s be honest, the Forrest Griffin – Anderson Silva fight was very strange. From the moment I first saw the fight, I knew something weird was happening. The entire sequence of events from the entrances to the exits was almost surreal.

There were many moments that you’d never seen before at a UFC event. Things that either made me laugh or raise an eyebrow. Most of the raised eyebrows came at the expense of Forrest Griffin. I’ve put together some screen caps to help illustrate what I’m talking about.

The pre-fight-hype package ends with Forrest saying “I can guarantee I’m not going to lose.” Famous last words.

The lights go dim, and the familiar sounds of the Dropkick Murphy’s start. All is normal. Then we see Forrest, running from his locker room. He’s obviously ready to go. As he jogs through the crowd, one of the security guys brushes past him and Forrest seems… surprised.


Then some fans start to touch him and he seems confused. Who are these people? It’s been 10 seconds and he already doesn’t seem himself. He seems more distracted than confident.


When he got down to the Harley Davidson Gets Naked Square the cageside official told him to hug all his corner guys like they toold every fighter all night. Told he could hug his friends, Forrest said no and they had an awkward moment.


There will be no bro-hugs for the Griffin corner tonight. The official asks again to see everyone hug and Forrest again says, “No thanks.” He obviously just wants to get this over with.

He then has his gloves checked. Every other fighter you saw on Saturday night had their gloves check and then the guy from the commission initialed the tape. He didn’t do this for Forrest.

Griffin then got in the cage and went to the wrong corner.

Forrest_Silva_4Forrest is nothing but nervous kinetic energy at this point. He doesn’t really seem to have his bearings. It doesn’t matter. He’s in his corner, safe for the last time. Cue DMX.

Forrest_Silva_5If Forrest is kinetic, Anderson Silva is potential energy. He’s doing his little Silva-shimmy and just looking generally cool as a cucumber. He shimmies and preens. He looks far off and focused as he always does. He spends most of his walk-in time looking around the Wachovia Center. Presumably wondering where the championship banners are.

He’s also wearing socks, shoes and a sweatshirt around his waist.

Forrest_Silva_6Anderson does take the time to hug and kiss each of his loved ones.

Forrest_Silva_7It’s like team Silva is dropping Anderson off at the airport while Forrest was trying to catch a cab in New York City.

Forrest_Silva_8Anderson makes faces as he gets frisked for possible weaponry and gets Vaseline’d up. Then he crawls into the octagon.

Forrest_Silva_9He does his usual dance around the cage and settles into his corner. Then we get to see the tale of the tape. As you can see, Griffin is huge and Silva is tiny. At least that’s what we’ve been hearing all night.

Forrest_Silva_10Forrest is an inch taller and has shorter arms. They also both weighed in at 205 the day before. Forrest reportedly gets up to near 220. I’ve heard that Anderson’s walk-around weight is somewhere in the 225 range. I’m guessing Silva put on a solid 5-10 pounds. The size difference as you’ll see in the staredown is negligable.

Forrest is introduced. He’s still doing everything he can to get psyched. Pounding his chest, jumping up and down and screaming. He’s exaggerating every action. Notice how all the screen caps of Forrest are blurry.


Then there’s Anderson. When he gets booed, he starts making faces as if to say, “yikes!” Except, ya know, in Portuguese. Forrest_Silva_12

I crack up every time I see this part.

Forrest_Silva_13Let’s go.

Forrest_Silva_14Look at that size. It’s like Jeff Monson and Tim Syvlia. They head back to their corners for Forrest to continue bouncing nervously while Anderson does his usual standing patiently waiting to destroy whatever presents itself.

As the action starts, Forrest throws a head kick which misses and that’s the closest we come to a strike in the first minute. The Anderson catches a kick and pushes Forrest. Everyone has a James Irvin flashback.

Then Anderson gets aggressive. The passive champion pushes forward.

Forrest_Silva_15By the 2:40 mark, Mike Goldberg notes that Forrest is already looking at the clock. Less than 3 minutes into the fight.

Forrest_Silva_16They exchanged a couple shots at close range that did nothing to Silva. At this point he starts to yell at Forrest. Griffin is clueless. He shrugs as if to say “What do you want me to do?” Anderson starts to get right in front of Forrest and drops his hands to his side. He’s challenging Forrest to hit him.

Forrest_Silva_17Forrest does not comply. As FightMetric points out, Forrest landed 1 of 35 strikes.

Forrest_Silva_18Anderson knocks him down for a second time. This time he offers to help him up. The showing up of Forrest Griffin is in full effect.

Anderson continues to let Forrest swing. At the 1:50 mark, Forrest again looks at the clock. Not long after, he’s on the canvas via a fadeaway jab. He celebrates by doing this. (Via


Then to cap off Forrest’s weird night, he immediately jogs back to the lockerroom.

Forrest_Silva_19I’ve never seen anything like this. Rumors immediately started flying. He broke his jaw. He was running to get medical attention. Even that he lost partial hearing. (What?)

At one point during the aftermath, you hear a fan yell “Forrest, what the fuck!?” Indeed. Joe Rogan rightfully called it one of the most embarassing knockouts we’ve ever seen.

Forrest_Silva_20After the replay, Anderson jumps on the cage to encourage his fans to cheer. After all, isn’t this exactly what everyone wanted? Forrest joked that the UFC wanted a big slow guy to chase Anderson around. Everyone thought this fight would be great because Forrest would push the pace and encourage Silva to do something spectacular. And it happened.

The question that really sums up the night is, “Forrest, what the fuck!?” Griffin said prefight that Anderson Silva makes good guys look bad. And did he ever. Forrest looked slow and couldn’t land anything. Everything about the night for the former Light Heavyweight champion seemed off. Did he realize that he was basically a sacrifial lion? A gladiator that was supposed to lose? Come home on your shield, or not at all. Forrest did neither.

Rumors around the internet is that Forrest is taking this loss really hard. He ran out of the octagon looking hurt and embarassed. Was there something wrong with him? Did he take a shot to the head warming up on Saturday? Was he out with Ryan Howard the night before the fight? Or was he simply too wound up to put on a good performance? And yes, all of that is summed up with, “Forrest, what the fuck!?”

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  1. August 10, 2009 6:14 pm

    Good questions. After reading your article, I think it was nerves. Who wouldn’t be absolutely terrified to step into the octagon with Silva? It would undermine everything: the training, the strategy, the coaching… Silva is the Harlem Globetrotters of MMA. I remember watching Thales Leites enter the cage with him, and all of use could see it in his eyes: he knew he was going to lose.

  2. August 10, 2009 10:18 pm

    This article was obviously fixed.

  3. Bryan H. permalink
    September 21, 2009 11:17 am

    I personally think the fight was rigged for Silva to win…from beggining to end the fight had me so confused.

  4. Chaddy Z permalink
    December 18, 2009 10:03 am

    I’m a self confessed Silva nuthugger but I just don’t get this fight. It was also kind of weird how they rewarded Griffith afterwards with the Tito Ortiz headliner and all the pay per view bonus money that would bring. I think that Griffith was told to take a dive but that Silva was not told about it. Very very depressing. The only thing is that I don’t think I can think of a single other UFC fight I’ve seen that was rigged except maybe Silva-Irvin. I just wish we could find out what really happened. It’s wrecking the UFC for me.

  5. August 3, 2010 11:10 am

    i definitely,absolutely,surely know for a fact that this was RIGGED.all the was a set-up from start to finish,man.i mean, a fadeaway jab?wtf.nobody gets knocked out by that shit.forrest is way too good to lose just like that.he took rampage’s best shots while landing leg kicks.i honestly dont believe silva is the more powerful puncher compared to rampage.what an embarassment, for us, the fans, as well as for the UFC.this is just plain disappointing.i think the fans deserve better than to watch RIGGED FIGHTS.

  6. January 17, 2011 8:45 pm

    Don’t look for excuses. Griffin lost fare & square, PERIOD! In his own weight division? R u kiddin me?Pfff, the only positive thing Griffin did in that fight was that he was the aggressor. Anderson should be respected for his superior talents!

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