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Previewish – UFC 101 – Matt Riddle vs. Dan Cramer

August 6, 2009

Previewish is a chance to meet the guys on the undercard. It’ll be a great chance to try and get to know the lesser known guys that fill out the spaces in the PPV shows that are created after quick stoppages. Sometimes, they make the PPV worth the buy.

Matt “The Riddler” Riddle (2-0) vs. Dan “Pretty Boy” Cramer (1-0)


matt-riddleThis is a match up of TUF 7 castmates. Riddle is from my neck of the woods, having wrestled at Saratoga High School. Since hitting the big time he’s apparently found a Vegas girl. (MySpace) He’s won his first two fights in the UFC, both by decision. The Las Vegas Sun has a pretty good story on how losing his wrestling scholarship lead to him moving back to New York to train in an apartment with and old friend.

Cramer won his UFC debut at UFC 94 against Matt Arroyo. He’s from Connecticut, so he also has regional ties this weekend in Philly. I don’t really remember this cat. Doesn’t matter though, I’ll be rooting for Riddle if the fight makes the show and I am coherent enough to cheer.

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