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Previewish – UFC 101 – George Sotiropoulos vs. George Roop

August 5, 2009

Previewish is a chance to meet the guys on the undercard. It’ll be a great chance to try and get to know the lesser known guys that fill out the spaces in the PPV shows that are created after quick stoppages. Sometimes, they make the PPV worth the buy.

George “The Souvalaki” Sotiropoulos (9-2) vs. George Roop (9-4)


georgeroopSotiropoulos is Australian if you couldn’t figure that out from his name. He’s currently on a three-fight win streak. He’s won his first 2 official fights in the UFC after losing in the TUF 6 house in the semi-finals. Back in early 2008 he was a very promising fighter, but he’s been injured. I guess George Roop is the gatekeeper.

I’m not 100% certain, but I think this is the first time in UFC history that two men named George have fought each other. Roop is an alum of season 8 (Big Nog vs. Mir) of TUF. Most recently he won a split-decision over Dave Kaplan at UFC 98 in May. Something something pictures with girls.

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