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Jeff Monson Wants A Shot At Fedor

July 23, 2009

How about the 5’9”, 245 pound Jeff Monson to replace that druggie, Josh Barnett? Monson is down according to Five Ounces of Pain:

I’m the guy to beat Fedor. He’s a great fighter. I’d definitely love to see me fight Fedor. It’s a perfect match-up. He’s the guy I’m destined to fight. I want to be the guy to beat him. I’d definitely love to be carried off afterward…. after I submit him. My goal is to be the best in the world, even if it’s for one fight.

If we can’t get Brett Rogers, I’d gladly settle for the former UFC heavyweight. Monson is 30-8 in his career and has won 7 straight fights. His last loss was over a year ago to Barnett.

I’ve always been a Monson fan. I guess it’s just his body type. (nttawwt) The fact that he’s so short just amuses me. And he’s a pretty good fighter. His last appearance in the UFC was for the belt at UFC 65 against Tim Sylvia.

Monson was in legal trouble earlier this year. First for vandalism after ESPN The Magazine published a picture of him spray painting an anarchy symbol in his home state of Washington. Then for allegedly attacking a woman and damaging her home. With those kinds of legal fees, no wonder he’s fighting so much.

Fighting Fedor would certainly help take care of any monetary woes. Whoever gets this fight will make somewhere around a million bucks.

Fans voted for who Monson would stand a better chance against - Fedor or a SWAT team. Guess who won?

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  1. July 27, 2009 1:06 pm

    i always loved that picture on the bottom.

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