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Road Trip

July 17, 2009

natashawicksWell, we’re on a little break. UFC 100 has come and gone.  Affliction: Trilogy isn’t for another 2 weeks. This weekend, it’s Atlantic City for the Blood, Booze and Bruises crew. Don’t worry, I don’t call my friends that. That would be really dumb.  Besides, I’m the only one that writes here.

I’m going to AC for a friend’s bachelor party. The same friend who carelessly and callously scheduled his wedding for the same day as UFC 101. I might have to lock him on the hotel roof tonight. Jerk.

Anyway, wish me luck. Before I get on the road, here are some links to keep you busy until next week.

The UFC’s new octagon girl – Natasha Wicks.

Full UFC 100 Post-Mortem at The Big Lead.

UFC 101 headliner BJ Penn can jump out of a pool. (Bloody Elbow)

Paulo Filho has a horrible tattoo. (Sherdog)

Photographic evidence of GSP getting crunk at Rehab. (Combat Lifestyle)

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  1. BrianBridgePro permalink
    July 18, 2009 11:29 am

    Only quitters leave AC with enough money for gas.

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