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GSP Celebrated His Win With… Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch?

July 15, 2009

Georges St. Pierre is so respected by his “peers” that they even turn out to help him celebrate their own failures. Details are available on GSP’s latest Yardbarker blog

The next day I went at a pool party at Rehab with all my friends who came to support me. We had a booth (cabana) and it was great spot in the place. I drank so much that I forgot my whole name. It was very cool because at one time, Thiago Alves showed up with his entourage and came in my booth (cabana) and drinking with me and congratulate me for the fight. I thought he was a class act and that prove that he was a real professional athlete and a real good person and a gentleman. I really appreciated it, he’s a great fighter and also a great gentleman, and we had a good time drinking together.

Now that’s respect. Not to mention awesome. It’s just like the promotional video they shot, but instead of wanting to fight, they wanted to cheer each other on at the ice luge. After they got done doing body shots (presumably) another of GSP’s chief rivals stopped by to celebrate.

John Fitch showed up as well, and we celebrate together our victories.

This is a great story.It speaks volumes about the character of GSP, Alves and Fitch. You can bet Frank Mir didn’t share a Coors Light with Brock Lesnar on Sunday afternoon. I doubt Michael Bisping bought Dan Henderson a pint the next day – and that’s assuming Bisping knew where he was.

Of course, contenders weren’t the only visitors…

Shonie Carter came a little bit later with a gold speedo and a hat and a cane dressed like a pimp with his cane.

Read the entire entry to see just how smashed the Welterweight champ got Sunday and about his final preparations for the fight.

The blog comes via… two basketball bloggers? This story just keeps getting weirder. Oh, they’re Canadians. I get it. So yeah, via @jeskeets and @TasMelas.

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  1. July 15, 2009 6:57 pm

    hmmm surprisingly this wont be on or on fanhouse because they only want to draw attention to negative stuff. gsp is the nicest fighting robot from the future evar.

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