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WTF? Cro Cop Stays With The UFC

July 9, 2009

mirko-cro-cop-filipovic-2Remember way back at UFC 99 when Mirko Cro Cop returned to the octagon and actually won? Sure he poked a guy in the eye, but a win is a win. The day after the fight, reports started circulating that he was leaving the UFC for the Japanese DREAM organization. And he also wasn’t really leaving. Both were rumors and both were false. Or right. I don’t remember where we left it.

Anyway, it turns out that Cro Cop didn’t spurn Dana White and the UFC. He will fight again inside the 8-walled cage. Cro Cop will take on Junior Dos Santos at UFC 103 in Dallas.

I guess the important thing to remember is that we can always trust crudely translated Croation media outlets.

It should be interesting to see how Cro Cop fares against this rising star in the heavyweight division. Dos Santos is 8-1 and won his first 2 fights in the UFC in impressive fashion. Now that Cro Cop is healthy and apparently hungry for a title, can he become the fighter we thought he was going to be when he first came over from Pride? Or will Dos Santos continue his own meteoric rise in the heavyweight division? I guess these are questions I should leave for the weeks leading up to UFC 103 in September. Shit. I think I just wrote the entire preview. Forget you read any of this. Believe me, in 2 months this will seem really fresh.

[h/t: MMAjunkie]


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