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Holly Madison To Be Guest Octagon Girl At UFC 100

July 7, 2009

hollymadisonI read a rumor earlier this week that Rachel Leah might be making a surprise appearance as an Octagon Girl at UFC 100. Turns out there will be a guest Octagon Girl this Saturday – Holly Madison.

Hef’s former live-in girl toy will be cageside as the UFC first ever guest Octagon Girl.  She announced it on her Twitter page. She’ll add a splash of blonde to the big show.

If you ask me – and it seems like you would, you’re reading my blog – this would be a great new occupation for Holly. With The Girls Next Door finished, what does she have now? According to Wikipedia, she’s designing shoes or something. Being an Octagon Girl has to be just as lucrative as being “the girlfriend of Criss Angel.”

As a former viewer of TGND – Yeah, I said it – this is just another part of UFC 100 that I’m looking forward to. Not that they needed to add anything to this card. I guess they just wanted to make sure the card stayed stacked. Hi-yo!

On Dana White’s latest video blog, you can get your first look at the newest Octagon Girl. And she’s wearing those high socks she loves so much.

[h/t: Cage Potato]

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  1. March 8, 2010 1:46 pm

    This day, as if on purpose

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