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100 Greatest Fights Countdown Starts Tonight

July 5, 2009

UFC76girls1Tonight at 9pm on SpikeTV the UFC will start counting down the top 100 fights in UFC history. We’ll get a look at fights 76-100. Since the show is only an hour long, it looks like they’ll be doing this VH1-style: Show some clips with interviews spliced in. It’ll just like music video countdowns, but with blood. I guess I was hoping these would be three hour episodes that show every minute of every fight. I’m a dreamer.

The countdown will continue Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the finale (1-10) coming after a marathon on Saturday leading up to UFC 100. I wish they were showing the final episode on Thursday because I’m going to be busy Saturday right up until 10pm.

Hell, I’m going to be busy all week. I’ve got previews to write and there’s yardwork to be done. Final preperations are being made this week for a graduation party as well as UFC 100. Busy, busy, busy.


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