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*Yawn* Did I Miss Anything?

June 29, 2009

Wow. I didn’t realize how bad a MMA-less weekend would be. No UFC. No Strikeforce. No WEC. Affliction is still a month away. Hell, even Bellator is done for the year. The only MMA available on Saturday night was that Bobby Lashley – Bob Sapp fight for *looks it up* Ultimate Chaos. Saturday night I found myself lost and looking for voilence.

I decided to skip the Lashley-Sapp fight because:

a.) I didn’t know it was Saturday

b.) I don’t know if Time Warner had it available for PPV purchase

c.) It probably cost more than the 75 cents I would have paid to see it

And I’m glad I “decided” to skip it. Let me show you what you and I missed based on a simple tweet.

Quite possibly the worst PPV production-wise that I have ever seen.

– FanHouse’s Ariel Helwani

Yeah, that was posted right after the FanHouse live-blog (also featuring MDS!) of Ultimate Chaos finished. Personally, I would have rather seen Taste of Chaos. Though to be fair, Thursday is pretty good.

It doesn’t get any easier this coming weekend. It’s a long weekend devoid of any worthwhile MMA. Luckily, it’s a holiday weekend and everyone will be getting drunk and cooking foods out of doors. See? I told you the booze would start to make sense. See, UFC, Affliction and all that good stuff takes place on Saturdays. Not only is it an ideal night to stay up watching some good fights. It’s also a great night to stay up late drinking heavily. It’s a perfect marriage of voilence and booze.

Don’t think it’s an accident. When do you see more fights? When you’re out at a bar on the weekend, or when you’re taking a walk through the park on a Tuesday evening? Exactly.

Don’t get too sober or sad though. The beautiful oasis that is UFC 100 is just 12 days away. After that though. Feel free to weep. The only event between UFC 100 and Affliction: Trilogy is DREAM.10. As a Time Warner subscriber, I won’t be watching that one. But let’s not focus on the barren waste land that is late July 2009.

I’ll start the Previewish series for UFC 100 this week. I certainly don’t want to be rushed heading into net weekend. In fact, I might have to spend Friday, July 10th in a sensory deprivation tank, Joe Rogan style. I’ve got a spare bedroom in the apartment. Maybe I can get one installed.

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