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UFC 100 Hype

June 24, 2009

I can’t wait for the UFC to get into their big push for UFC 100. One thing that never disappoints in the UFC is the pre-fight videos that make each and every opponent look like mortal enemies. In the initial promo, they focus on the 3 biggest fights on the card.

You have to love the use Thiago Alves knocking out Tony DeSouza in 2006 as part of the package he’ll be using to challenge GSP. And Brock Lesnar only has 3 fights worth of material to use in the promos. That means we’ll get plenty of Brock interviews. He’s already sat down to talk about Frank Mir and his make-believe belt.

The man does know how to sell a fight. Not that I believe he’s faking his dislike of the one man to beat him in MMA.

Another matchup where the tension will be real is Bisping vs. Henderson. Bisping was a cocky bastard that talked a lot of shit during TUF 9. He left Dan Henderson with only one impression, “The guy is a douchebag.” Combine that with the fact that whoever wins should get the next shot at Anderson Silva.

That is where the UFC loses me. If Henderson wins, make him fight somebody else. He’s already had his shot at Anderson. Bisping is the up-and-comer ready for a title shot. If he wins, he’s earned it with 4 straight wins in the middleweight division. If Henderson does win, I’d be all for giving Vitor Belfort a shot at the end of the year. Or Demien Maia (10-0) or Yushin Okami (3 straight). If they gave it to either of those guys, Vitor could fight Hendo. Belfort lost to Henderson by decision in Pride.

Anyway, enough about the middleweight title picture. Can anyone really beat Anderson Silva?

Who cares. In the interm, let’s concentrate on the coming hype that will make us all more excited than we should be about UFC 100.

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  1. June 24, 2009 4:17 pm

    i cant wait for this card.

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