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TUF 9 Finale Was Pretty Good

June 23, 2009

sanchezSorry for the lag in commentary, but Sunday night stretched out a bit longer than anyone could have forseen. At 1am I was outside my girlfriend’s house swatting a giant evergreen tree with a rake trying to scare away a mockingbird. Then I drank for a bit.

Anyway, I’m fresh and ready to actually think today. And what I’m thinking about is how good a card the TUF 9 Finale turned out to be.

The night started out with a pretty good 3 round chess match between Joe Stevenson and Nate Diaz. It was one of those matches that pitted a really tall guy against a short stocky meat head. They didn’t like each other and Diaz refused the touch of gloves at the start of each round. The fight went back and forth the entire time. Loads of submission attempts, jiu-jitsu and grappling. It even featured something I’d never seen before.

It was just a great fight. On top of the action, Diaz managed to talk telling Stevenson to “work bitch” in the 3rd round. I always find it impressive when these guys aren’t too gassed to talk. Especially after the 1st round. That’s why the lightweights are so great. That probably why it was one of the 3 Fight of the Night honorees. This win was huge for Joe Daddy. He’d dropped 3 of 4. Of course, they came against Diego Sanchez and the 2 guys fighting for the title in August.

The first TUF fight was a good little battle between Andre Winner and Ross Pearson. Ross won a deciding 29-28 victory. If you caught a glimps of Pearson’s girl in the fight preview, she is on his MySpace. I’ll present her without comment.

The second FOTN was a standup battle (there were a lot of battles Saturday) between Chris Lytle and Kevin Burns. If fans weren’t into the tactical chess match that was Stevenson-Diaz, this was more their style. Lytle and Burns traded for 15 straight minutes.

The biggest shock of the night for me was James Wilks dominating DaMarques Johnson. Wilks underwhelmed during the show and Johnson looked very good. It was the opposite Saturday. Wilks was all over Johnson from the start to the rear-naked choke finish. Great official UFC debut for Wilks. He will probably find himself of the next European card this fall.

The show finished with an absolute classic. Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida. I would have given anything for this one to go 5 rounds. The fight started with a blistering exchange that left Guida rocked. The fact that he was able to recover from the first 30 seconds was amazing. Guida should have been knocked out 3-4 times in the first round. The most impressive when Sanchez landed a kick flush to his head. Sanchez wont he first round handily and arguably 10-8.

The second round was won by Guida despite the fact that Sanchez opened up a gash on the top of The Carpenter’s head from the bottom with some nasty elbows. Both fighters were covered by the end of the round. Guida spent a lot of the 2nd and 3rd rounds on top, but wasn’t able to do a lot of damage. Honestly, I thought Guida might squeek out a decision victory because of the closeness of the final two rounds. One of the judges agreed with me, but the other two didn’t. I think if Guida wasn’t bleeding he would have won. Sanchez was never in danger of being finished, but Guida controlled most of the action through the last 2 rounds. Sanchez’s flurry of elbows that opened the cut won the fight. The final battle of the evening was the third FOTN.

One of the knocks on the UFC is fighter pay, but you can’t accuse them of rewarding their fighters when they perform. The one thing they could do was start to reward a $5000 bonus anytime a fighter finishes a fight by KO or submission. Submission and KO of the Night are both good, but if multiple guys finish their fights they seldom all get rewarded. They have a $5000 bonus in the TUF house when someone finishes a fight, right? I believe so. That’s something that should be applied to all UFC events.

The TUF Finale should immediately be turned into the next episode of UFC Unleashed. There were two great fights and an all-time classic. It was everything you could ever hope for in a free event.

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  1. BrianBridgePro permalink
    June 23, 2009 11:34 am

    “…and the winnah, by submission…the Mockingbird!!!!! “

    • June 23, 2009 11:49 am

      Hey, listen – The mockingbird won by decision. As in, I decided to go back inside and drink.

      • June 23, 2009 12:29 pm

        “The second round was won by Guida despite the fact that Sanchez opened up a gash on the top of The Carpenter’s head from the bottom with some nasty elbows”

        hmmm so a fighter wins just by sitting on top? even if the fighter on the bottom is literally kicking his ass? im not a big fan of the lay and pray method sorry.

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