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Cris Cyorg, With No Regard For Human Life

June 18, 2009

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is a terrifying woman. And she’s kind of mean. She choked out some guy who was interviewing her. You can skip to the 4-minute mark.

You might remember Cyborg from EliteXC’s second show. During her fight she provided me with one of my all-time favorite MMA moments. She’s beating the shit out of Shayna Baszler and thinks the fight is over. So she jumps on the cage and starts to celebrate. Only Steve Mazzagatti didn’t stop the fight. Just good times all around.

Cyborg is supposed to fight Gina Carano for the Strikeforce 145-pound title in August. Both fighters should weigh in around 185ish.

[h/t: With Leather]

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