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Previewish – TUF 9 Finale – Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal

June 17, 2009

When there are UFC events, I’m going to do short previews for every single fight on the card individually. It’ll be a great chance to try and get to know the lesser known guys that fill out the spaces in the PPV shows that are created after quick stoppages. Sometimes, they make the PPV worth the buy.

Mike “Mike C” Ciesnolevicz (17-3) vs. Tomasz “Grorilla” Drwal (15-2)

Light Heavyweights

74156997BB078_IFL_ChicagoCiesnolevicz (That’s the last time I’m typing that) is another IFL veteran.(He was a Quad City Silverback) He made his UFC debut back in February by heel hooking Neil Grove into submission. Mike C’s UFC debut was at Heavyweight, but he’s fighting a LHW and replacing a LHW, so I assume he’ll be back to his old weightclass.

He’ll be fighting a man with an equally perplexing name.

Tomasz Drwal is 1-1 inside the octagon. His debut came at UFC 75 against Thiago Silva. Following knee surgery he returned to knockout Ivan Serati at UFC 93. He’s Polish, so that explains the random consonants in odd places in his name.

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