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UFC 99 Fallout: Cro Cop Wins And Bolts (?)

June 16, 2009

crocopMirko Cro Cop made his return to the UFC Saturday. It was triumphant. Sure, his big TKO came after an unintentional poke in the eye, but a win is a win is a win is a win. Am I right? Especially for Cro Cop inside the octagon where he hasn’t had the greatest sucess in his career.

Basically, Cro Cop put on the performance we were all waiting for years for him to put on. He was sharp. Had a killer instinct. It was everything we expected Cro Cop to do to Gabe Gonzaga.

The fight came after a one-fight deal was reached with the UFC. Generally, Dana White doesn’t do such short deals – especially over the phone as he did with Cro Cop. They agreed on one fight and then they would work on a deal for more. Don’t expect Dana to make any exceptions again anytime soon.

The day after Cro Cop’s return it was announced that he would be spurning the UFC for DREAM.

Or did he!?!? Sherdog found a Croation news paper article that included this:

However, it is not true that Cro Cop signed with Dream. We have learned that Mirko Crocop still did not sign neither with Dream nor with UFC, and that he is ready to discuss any offer. Moreover, Mirko expected after the victory in Cologne immediate talks with Dana White about the new contract and is surprised by the accusations of UFC’s president.

So he didn’t. At least according to a crudely translated Croation newspaper.

One thing is for sure, if Cro Cop did sign with DREAM, we’ve seen the last of him in the UFC. It doesn’t matter that the last thing we’ll remember about his time in the UFC was an impressive (and somewhat controversial) win. The first thing we’ll think of is Gabe Gonzaga kicking his head off his shoulders.

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