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Update: Tim Sylvia Not Boxing This Weekend

June 12, 2009

tim-sylvia-on-vespaI don’t want to take all the credit for this, but I did have over 40 unique visits yesterday so… Draw your own conclusions. The Ray Mercer-Tim Sylvia boxing match that made no sense to you, me or Jens Pulver was called off yesterday. Then it was called back on as an MMA match. So Tim Sylvia and Ray Mercer will still headline, “Adrenaline MMA III: Bragging Rights.” I know you were on pins and needles.

First Sylvia announced the bout had been canceled via his MySpace. (Really? MySpace? Doesn’t this guy Tweet?) Then it was on again as an MMA bout. The story behind the decision is long and pointless because – Who wants to see Tim Sylvia, one of the top heavyweights in the world, fight a 48 year old who Kimbo Slice choked out?

The answer – no one. HDNet has passed (Not that I would be able to watch anyway. Eff Time Warner) and the Adrenaline promotion hasn’t been able to find anyone that wants to broadcast the card.

The most important fact here is that Tim Sylvia is now sceduled to for a mixed martial arts fight on June 13 and August 1. 7 weeks between fights and we don’t even know what’s going to happen on Saturday. What if he breaks his hand on Mercer’s forehead? Tom Antico must be  absolutely thrilled.


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