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Previewish – UFC 99: The Comeback – Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders

June 12, 2009

When there are UFC events, I’m going to do short previews for every single fight on the card individually. It’ll be a great chance to try and get to know the lesser known guys that fill out the spaces in the PPV shows that are created after quick stoppages. Sometimes, they make the PPV worth the buy.

Mike “Quick” Swick (13-2) vs. Ben “Killa B” Saunders (7-0-2)


Ben-Saunders-profileMike Swick is an alumni of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter so he’s fairly well-liked. His one loss in the UFC came against Yushin Okami who has only lost once in 8 tries inside the octagon. (Rich Franklin) Swick has won three straight including a unamimous decision against Marcus Davis in England. (No small feat.) If you’re the sentimental type, this is second trip to Germany in as many months for Swick – he recently went to visit American troops. As long as he’s been there for a couple days, this shouldn’t be a factor.

Swick will have the task of giving Ben Saunders (pictured) his first ever loss as a pro. Saunders has won his first three fights in the UFC by various methods – decision, submission and TKO. (Warning: Multiple knees to head) It was a close one that took lots of though, but I’m going to have to say Ben Saunders has the best nickname on the entire card. Feel free to disagree.

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