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Previewish – UFC 99: The Comeback – Paul Taylor vs. Peter Sobotta

June 9, 2009

When there are UFC events, I’m going to do short previews for every single fight on the card individually. It’ll be a great chance to try and get to know the lesser known guys that fill out the spaces in the PPV shows that are created after quick stoppages. Sometimes, they make the PPV worth the buy.

Paul “Relentless” Taylor (9-4-1) vs. Peter Sobotta (8-1)


PeterSobottaPeter Sobotta (pictured, with fanny pack*) is making his UFC debut and is one of two fighters who will have home-country advantage. Sobotta is the owner of a fantastic highlight video. The video is set to Papa Roach’s Getting Away With Murder, so that alone makes him a force to be reckoned with. Interesting note about the 22-year-old’s video – many of the highlights are of him striking opponents to the back of the head. There’s even a clip of a couple knees to the top of the skull of a downed opponent. I’m sure those are all above-board in whatever crazy German fight league the clips are from, but the stood out to me.

Sobotta will be taking on UFC Euro-card standard, Paul Taylor. If you follow the UFC, you know Paul Taylor. This will be Taylor’s 6th fight in the UFC – all of those fights have been in England. He’s 2-3 and all three of his losses have won Fight of the Night honors – including the Kelly battle. One thing is for certain, Kelly loves to take a beating. As long as the UFC is still doing cards overseas, Taylor will earn a paycheck.

*Cultural Sidebar* They don’t call it a fanny pack in the UK. In fact, fanny pack is a dirty term since “fanny” is slang for female genitalia. Crazy Brits.

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  1. June 9, 2009 4:02 pm

    crm maybe you should start doing some shameless self promotion at tbl or mlj because seriously this site is awesome

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